mFortune Withdrawals

Thanks to leading payment service providers in the UK partnering with mFortune Casino, withdrawals are a breeze. Regardless of your chosen banking option, the casino can process most withdrawal requests within at least 24 hours.

mFortune Casino’s Withdrawal Methods

Presently, players can make their mFortune payout requests through one of three options.

These are:


How To Make An mFortune Withdrawal Request

Getting your money from your player account is an easy process at mFortune. Take a look at the three steps to follow each time.


Step 1 – Log In

Load the casino’s homepage and log into your user account. Once you’re in, navigate to the My Account area of the page. There, you will find the mFortune banking section. Click on the arrow displayed to take you to the next mFortune withdrawal step.


Step 2 – Choose the Withdrawal Method

In the next window, there is an area with options labeled Deposit and Withdraw. Choose the latter option so you can select the payment method you’d like to use from the displayed options. If you used a deposit method that also allows withdrawals, like PayPal, it’ll automatically get selected to process your request. But if you didn’t or you would like to switch to a different method, this is the time to choose your preferred option.


Step 3 – Input Your Withdrawal Details

Fill in your chosen method’s relevant details if you’ve selected a new payment option. If you’re using the same method you deposited funds with, your details are already provided. Input the payout amount and confirm the transaction.

It’s worth noting that mFortune applies a mandatory £3 fee on any withdrawals below £10. That’s for transactions that are either not to debit cards or the same payment method used to initially deposit funds.

mFortune Withdrawal Times

Regardless of which payment method you go for, mFortune Casino offers the same withdrawal processing timelines in the following ways:

  • For players depositing money into their member accounts, withdrawal requests will be catered to within 24 hours
  • For players not making deposits, withdrawals will be processed within 72 hours

The stated durations may be longer if you haven’t verified your account or if the casino requires additional documentation from you.

Withdrawal Request Limits at mFortune

As with the processing times, limits also exist for two categories of players as follows:

  • Depositing members have an mFortune minimum withdrawal limit of £5
  • Non-depositing members can make an mFortune payout request of at least £30

Is Account Verification Necessary?

Before any withdrawal requests can be processed, all mFortune members must successfully verify their user account details. This ensures the casino complies with its regulator’s request to verify the identities of all its members. Also known as the Know Your Customer (KYC) policy, the process of account verification dissuades people from joining the casino for fraudulent purposes like money laundering.

To fulfill the KYC process, mFortune will request some documents from you. These documents help to prove your identity, banking details, and address, while also linking that information so that you can only operate one user account on the site. Some of the documents you may be asked to provide include copies of your ID, your bank statement, or even proof of payment of your phone bill.

Ensure you provide recent copies of the requested documents. The best time to do this is as soon as you complete your account registration so that there aren’t any delays when you request a withdrawal.


Issues That Can Affect Withdrawals

There are various reasons why your withdrawals may delay. Here’s a list of the common issues:

  • You haven’t input the correct banking details
  • Delays in providing KYC documents for verification
  • You haven’t completed your bonus wagering requirements
  • Delays from your chosen service provider’s end
  • You’ve requested a payout without making a deposit
  • Your account gets flagged for suspicious activity
  • Making payout requests on banking holidays or weekends

If you have any delayed payments, check whether it’s a result of any of the above. If not, contact the mFortune customer service team through live chat for additional guidance.


  • Can I use my phone bill for withdrawals as well?

    Pay by Phone is a great system for funding your mFortune account, but you can’t use it for withdrawals. There is no mechanism by which you can withdraw your money from your phone bill.

  • Does the withdrawal amount affect the processing time?

    No, it doesn’t. So long as you have a verified account, there should be no timeline changes in processing your request based on how much or how little you withdraw.

  • Is there a fee on mFortune withdrawals?

    No, there isn’t. But if you choose a different payment method from what you deposited with and it’s not a debit card option, your withdrawals will incur a £3 fee if they’re below £10.

  • Which payment methods offer the fastest transaction time?

    Any of the available methods works fast since the casino processes payments within a day of receiving your request. Delays depend on how long your service provider takes to approve the processed transaction.

  • Can I withdraw my winnings during holidays or weekends?

    Yes, you can. But your payment will only start getting processed on the next working day. mFortune only processes payments during non-holiday working days.